Indian folk songs has several kind of folk songs most popular folk music of India are dandiya, bhangra, lavani, Rajasthani, Uttarakhandi Music, Garba, Pandavani, Bauls and Kolata. All Indian folk songs have their own popularity and it’s never become old.

We try to serve all Indian folk songs including marathi folk song, bhojpuri folk song, punjabi folk song, rajasthani folk song, gujrati folk song and more folk song from India through

Most of folk music of India are dance-oriented like Punjabai, rajasathani and Bhojpuri, People who is out of their country or region not able to enjoy folk songs of their born place, our little effort give them the khusboo of their mitti / folk songs of Indian region.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Assamese Bihu Dance on Best Assamese Folk Songs

Bihu dance is one of the famous folk dance of Assam, Assam is the state of India and here you are watching Assamese Bihu Dance on Best Assamese Folk songs. Bihu Dance is performed by Assamese on Bihu Festival and on this festival Bihu dancer put on traditionally Assamese cloth whice is very colorful. Here you are watching one of the famous Bihu Dance on Best Assamese Folk Songs.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sarangi and Folk Songs – Watch and Listen Sarangi and Folk Songs of India – Video Folk Songs with Sarangi

Enjoy one of the best video folk songs with sarangi, the famous sarangi and folk songs of India that show you one glance of India.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Langas Musicians - Langas Musicians In Jodhpur – Watch Langas Music

Watch langas musicians in jodhpuri. Langas music is of of the folk song of Rajasthan. Watch and play the Rajasthani traditional folk song langas.